We learn through touch and smell and we brought that to the classroom, leaving an imprint on over 550 students in our first year.

Once Upon A Wine Barrel

It was a warm Sunday, early spring, as I was mowing the back lawn on our small urban farm, I noticed a group of bees around the hole of an old wine barrel sitting in the back of our property. Once I realized it was a beehive, I enthusiastically informed my family about my discovery.

We called a local beekeeper to come move the hive into a box, but as a homeschooling family we informed him we wanted to keep the hive on our property to observe. He had no problem with that and he asked for my help in lifting the barrel to get the last of the bees from the inside. I had no suit or protective gear of any kind. We lifted the barrel full of bees and turned it upside down and dropped it on the box to knock the rest of the bees out. With thousands of bees buzzing wildly around me and my heart racing, I knew then that I had to be a beekeeper.

After watching the excitement in my daughter and how proud she was to save the bees I knew it was not only my calling but the fire burned in my nine year little girl too. She would sit in front of the box and watch the bees go in and out for hours telling me about the different colors of pollen the workers were bringing in. I knew this is something we would get to share.

Thinking back on it now, it was probably always her calling to be involved with some kind of stinging insect or spider. From the time she was first stumbling around on her own two feet she had us stop to smell the flowers and look at the bugs.This made for some long walks around the block, but we learned patience and love of all creatures from these walks. From that love blossomed Kuntz Family Family Farms to share with you, our Kuntz Family Farms family.

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